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OBU Named ‘Best in the West’ by Princeton Review

August 15, 2008

The educational research firm selected OBU as one of 120 "Best in the West" institutions for 2009. The annual listing of "Best Colleges: Region by Region" was released July 29.

According to, production of the regional designation feature "is fueled by a desire to raise awareness of academically excellent but lesser-known colleges for students looking to study within a specific geographic area."

The website also states that colleges selected for the designation must meet two criteria: "First, they had to meet our standards for academic excellence within their region. Second, we had to be able to survey their students anonymously, either through our online survey, or through our paper survey, which we distribute and collect on campus."

OBU is one of four Oklahoma schools receiving this merit, among the 120 colleges honored in the 15-state region. Oklahoma State University, Oral Roberts University and the University of Oklahoma also made the list. The Princeton Review designated 212 colleges in the Northeast, 139 in the Southeast, and 159 in the Midwest as best in their locales. The 630 selected colleges represent about 25 percent of the nation's 2,500 four-year colleges.

Information on The Princeton Review's "Best Colleges: Region by Region" can be found at