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Providing Spiritual Food

March 13, 2008

Noonday provides a way students can be fed both physically and spiritually every Friday at noon in Montgomery Hall.

"From the beginning, the purpose of Noonday has been to provide off-campus students a place to eat and an opportunity for spiritual growth," said senior Chris Chandler, Noonday co-chair.

"It is here so off-campus people don't have to go home or find somewhere else to eat," he said.

Chandler and Campus Ministry staff see Noonday as a way to provide not only for off- campus students, but students living on campus as well.

"We have come to a point where we don't have it for just off-campus students," said Chandler. "It's meant to be there for anyone who wants to come and eat, all with a spiritual focus."

To provide the spiritual fill each week a speaker addresses the Noonday participants about a topic of their choice. To provide the physical fill, different Shawnee churches eagerly supply the food.

"That is actually one thing we don't need to look for," said Chandler. "The churches usually come to us and are really excited about giving."

As the Noonday co-chairs begin to target all OBU students, they also hope to change the focus of the Friday ministry.

"Towards the end of last semester we were trying different things," said Chandler. "We want Noonday to be more focused and driven, so it will lead to more discussion."

Chandler and past Noonday chairmen have welcomed change and new direction into their planning for the event. To them, change means fresh ideas and growth.

"The idea behind Noonday is to see it change with different leadership," said Chandler. "We are curious and excited to see where it goes."