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OBU Teacher's Education Is Nationally Recognized

March 3, 2008

To be listed as "nationally recognized," OBU's teacher education program met the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education's standards of accreditation without conditions. The program was reviewed by ACEI representatives.

"This recognition means that our candidates, programs and faculty are having a positive impact on preschool through senior high student learning in our schools," said Dr. John Farris, chair of OBU's division of teacher education.

Farris said national recognition from ACEI reflects the "standard of excellence in the elementary teacher education at OBU." ACEI representatives gave a "rigorous external and impartial review by education professionals, and determined that OBU's elementary education program meets the national standards of ACEI."

"Research has shown that teacher candidates who graduate from national recognized and accredited institutions are better prepared for initial licensing and advanced board certification," Farris said.