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OBU Nursing Students Surpass National Average in 2007 Exam

March 3, 2008

The OBU students surpassed the national average of 85.47 percent and the Oklahoma average of 82.07 percent. The exam is required for a student to be licensed as a registered nurse.

"We have worked very hard on our pass rate on NCLEX," said Dr. Lana Bolhouse, dean of OBU's School of Nursing.

Multiple steps must be completed before a nurse can safely enter the profession. The steps include graduating from a recognized nursing program, meeting specific requirements of the state board of nursing and passing the NCLEX examination

"We have historically had high pass rates," said Bolhouse. "This year's pass rate is in the range which we expect from our graduates."

A total of 44 OBU nursing students took the exam in 2007.