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Home Away from Home

March 4, 2008

"It is a complete family feeling. This is our house. This is where we come home to," said Rose. "This is where we cry, this is where we laugh, and this is where we have fun."

Kerr Dormitory houses women from every class, which no other women's dorm offers. This provides an opportunity for freshmen to connect with women outside of their class.

"We have upper classmen who have gone through their freshman year and know what it's like, so they help us out," said Moon.

Like most dorm residents, Moon and Rose enjoy the late night activities, hall bonding and independent living the residence halls offer. However, Kerr offers more to the typical dorm life.

"I love living in Kerr because you can build friendships, but yet you still have your privacy," said Moon. "WMU, on the other hand, has all freshman girls, excited to be away from home, living on their own."

"We can be wild and crazy, but there is a good balance," said Rose.

Moon and Rose, along with the other Kerr residents, appreciate the balance that Kerr, offers as well as the relationships formed through their dorm experience.

"I feel a sense of community, in some ways, because we all see each other in the hall and get to talk. I think we have grown to be like family. It has been a pleasure getting to know girls on my hall," said Moon.

To promote this sense of community, Moon and Rose work with the other Kerr residents to plan events and bonding experiences.

"We are going to try to do a 'tacky prom' and some other events," said Rose. "We had an ice cream party in the fall, but we want to start doing more together."

Transformation in Kerr occurs not only in the relationships between its residents, but also within the administration. Leslie Poe, an OBU grad, became the resident director for Kerr and Howard Dorms in the fall of 2007. Poe, along with the resident assistants, hopes to make Kerr feel like home to each of its residents.

"We have the most amazing RD, Leslie Poe, and I love our RA, Bonnie Cassidy. These wonderful ladies help and care about our lives and what's going on in school," said Moon.