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Glory Shakes The Ground Featured On OBU Centennial Book Series

February 15, 2008

Glory Shakes the Ground: Written Prayers of James E. Hurley is a paperback work which features 54 prayers composed by the long-time OBU biology professor.

Hurley was known throughout the university and church communities for his thoughtful and poetic quality of his publicly delivered prayers. Upon his death in 2004, Hurley's friends discovered among his papers these written prayers.

"Jim Hurley could always think of another question that needed to be probed before you reached a conclusion," said Dr. Bob Agee, OBU president emeritus. "His prayers reflect that same sense of awe and mystery about God, the human pilgrimage, and the never-ending quest to know Him."

Hurley taught at OBU from 1962 to 1998. He received OBU's Distinguished Teacher Award and Meritorious Service Award and was inducted into the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame.

Glory Shakes the Ground sells for $12.95 plus tax. The book is both a devotional guide and a study in one man's personal communication with God.

To order call 405.878.2706 or visit