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The Wind in the Willows

February 17, 2005

The play began running February 12 and 13 followed by two performances during the weekend of February 25 and ending the weekend of March 4. For a complete list of cast members and other details, see the complete OBU Theatre Schedule.

"This play is about the importance of friendship, to go slowly enough to listen to the wind and appreciate what we have," says director Laura Byland. Combining the talents of OBU students and local children, several of whom have acting experience through the Shawnee Little Theatre, the performance will tell the story with great charm.

The synopsis goes something like this: Toad's passion for motorcars takes him in new directions: over Mole's glasses and Otter's foot. Rat and Mole ask Badger for help, but Badger is too busy living in the past. After Toad crashes four cars, Rat, Otter, and Mole guard him from leaving his mansion, Toad Hall. Toad eludes his friends and then takes a police car for a test drive. He crashes the car and is thrown in jail. In Toad's absence, the Weasels capture Mole and take over Toad Hall. Will Toad get out of jail in time to save his home? Will his friends be able to defeat the weasels? Victory depends on how well they use their animal instincts.

In the newly renovated Craig-Dorland Theatre, you will certainly be held to your seat as Toad and his friends battle the weasels and learn about themselves in the process.