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Magic in Moscow

February 17, 2005

In 1993, the Moscow Economic School opened its doors in the deadened heart of Communism: Moscow, Russia. Licensed by the Moscow Department of Education, the school stands as one of the most prestigious K-12 institutions in the city, and caters to an elite clientele: the sons and daughters of politicians and wealthy families. From the start, OBU has encouraged many of its best graduates to teach at the Moscow Economic School. Marti Short, ’03, is one such graduate.

“Before coming to Moscow, my idea of ‘missions’ usually involved poor, underprivileged people,” Marti says, “but we have such a great ministry opportunity with the students of this school. Many of them will grow up to be the future leaders of Russia.

“I don’t know that I ever wanted to go to Moscow, I just knew that God was calling me overseas after graduation. I just didn’t know where. I heard about Moscow during a student teaching seminar my senior year. The second I heard about it, I felt God calling me there and began to pray about it.