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A Sound Foundation

August 12, 2004

Meet Jeff Click. He is a graduate of OBU with a telecommunication degree and a minor in computer science. He also learned the practical side of business when he developed Clixsounds in his dorm. "I began to customize audio on computers for fellow students and family members. This was before the web became really commercial and people had a lot of sounds for their computers," he says. "I produced sounds from instruments to human voices." Jeff began to sub-contract program development to help grow the areas that he could incorporate sounds. His talent soon brought the interest of the major corporations of AOL and Microsoft. "I designed several sound libraries used by America Online," he says, "and Microsoft is still using several of the sounds I developed for their Outlook Express program." What began as a late-night part-time job, after papers and studies were completed, turned into a training ground for the other company Jeff would start a year after graduation: Jeff Click Homes.

For the last six years Jeff has built more than 125 homes around Oklahoma City. "My experience in subcontracting program work for Clixsounds helped inform the business model of a general contractor," he says. "In addition, software design allowed me to make sense of home design because it has given me an eye for what is most intuitive. For example, I make sure to put showerheads a foot higher than most builders because I know that most men are right at six feet tall or taller. They won't need to bend down if the showerhead is higher."

With a goal of building 50 homes in 2004, Jeff could easily attribute his success to his ingenuity or business sense or willingness to learn, but he recognizes that his relationship with Jesus is truly the foundation of his work and life. "I grew up in a Christian home," he says, "and my parents taught me that God is extremely significant in whatever I do. I am surprised that some Christians separate their faith from business. They may think that God is not interested in the minute details of our careers." To help curb this in his environment, Jeff names each of his floor plans after a book in the Bible. "This just demonstrates in a small way that there is a higher calling in what I do every day."

Jeff has created other ways to incorporate his faith. "Every builder has one house that won't sell," he says. "When that happens, that house is always where my devotional is done. It is also where I often have breakthroughs in my life. That place, that house, symbolizes my need and my desire for God to help me. I know He wants me to ask Him for help." Each year the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association awards a builder with the opportunity to construct a home to raise money for charity. In 2004, the association awarded the contract with Jeff. "The goal is to solicit as much volunteer labor and donated products to make the margin that much greater when the house goes up for public auction," he says. "I am excited that this year, five charities that are related to children have been selected.

If he's not at a job site, Jeff may be at Life Church in Edmond, Oklahoma, where he serves on the video production team. Regarding his OBU training he credits several teachers. "I don't remember my GPA but I remember my professors, and the value of OBU increases as time goes by." He and his wife, Deziray, live in "The Corinthian II." He made sure to build on a firm foundation. All of Jeff's homes can be seen at