OBU Unveils New Bison Athletics Logo

May 11, 2004

The university had been involved in a new logo creation for about a year when the new logo was settled on. OBU's student graphic artist Tim Haller produced the final product with input from Dr. Norris Russell, director of athletics, and Ray Fink, sports information director.

"The new logo gives us a fresh, contemporary look," said Russell. "It symbolizes the dynamic quality typical of an athletics department."

Haller spent several days on implementing the design, taking it from a rough idea to a dynamic image that the university will use on athletic apparel and products.

"I'm definitely proud of it," said Haller, a senior from Shawnee. "I think the clean, hard lines and broad, distinct head embody the true spirit of OBU athleticism."

The color logo incorporates the school colors, green and gold.

"I showed Tim a rough element of what we were looking for and he ran with it," Fink said. "We needed a fresh look and so we turned it over to a qualified student. It's a great look. Tim is a terrific artist and he loves OBU athletics. I knew he'd give this his best effort."