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OBU to Present Huckleberry Finn

February 11, 2004

Tickets will go on sale Friday, Feb. 13. For ticket information and reservations, please call 405-878-2347.

OBU's Theatre for Young People will also perform the play in 10 matinees for area schools.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is an American classic set on the Mississippi River. It follows the adventures of Huck (Oklahoma City junior Rex Daugherty) and Jim (OBU alum Tyrone Robinson) as they escape the confinements of society and find their own true natures and real freedom for the first time.

The cast also includes Hollis junior Stephanie Stewart at The Widow and Aunt Sally, Shawnee freshman Mary Sanders as Judith Loftus, Perryton, Texas, junior Blake Bolerjack as Mark Twain and Tom Sawyer, Tulsa sophomore Clay Little as Pap, Choctaw freshman Jesse Vinyard as the King, Cypress, Texas, freshman Tiffany Hadden as the Duchess, and Tecumseh junior Caleb Raney as the musician.

Directing by Laura Byland, OBU assistant professor of theatre, the crew include stage manager Latricia Reichman, assistant stage manager Laurel Green, technical director Matthew Packer, dramaturg and props mistress Lee Matthews, scenic designer Josh Cain, lighting designer John Keisling, costume designer Tiffanie Pearce, wardrobe crew Shekinah Rogers and Sherri Matthews, makeup designer Andra Dunn, makeup/hair assistant Elise Tavery, sound designer Breeman Ainsworth, sound assistant Helena Newberry, box office managers Aaron Kelley, Sonia Justl and Rose Marie Packer, house managers Joshua Dodd and Beth Kinney, assistant house manager Michelle Burmeister, assistant props Travis Hayes, PR managers Christy Hall, Mary Sanders and Will Ledesma, and light/sound board operators Collin Blackard, Colin Smart, Brad Nickerson, Will Ledesma, Rob Christiansen and Helena Newberry.