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OBU Days in the Churches Set for February

January 22, 2004

The annual OBU Day in the Churches celebration Feb. 15 and 22 will celebrate Oklahoma Baptists' strong relationship with OBU.

"OBU Day in the Church helps to tell the OBU story through our best resource, the people of OBU," said Dale Griffin, campus minister. "The faculty, staff and students exemplify all that is great about Christian Higher Education at OBU. OBU is Campus Ministry, the Ministry of Christian Higher Education. It is a joy to share that ministry with the churches of Oklahoma because they are so vitally linked to the success of OBU."

On Feb. 15, 2001, the OBU Day emphasis will be for the eastern region of the state. On Feb. 22, the emphasis will be for the western region and the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. However, churches with scheduling conflicts can use either day or choose alternate dates for their convenience.

More than 130 students, faculty and staff are currently scheduled to travel on Feb. 15 and 100 more on Feb. 22 to Oklahoma churches and more are available to participate in worship services, youth meetings, or other church OBU Day activities. The representatives share about OBU or Christian higher education. About 170 requests were made.