OBU Musicians to Perform Riley Work Nov. 17

October 29, 2003

An example of minimalistic composition, "In C" is scored for any number of melodic instruments. The primary compositional idea behind minimalism involves using a small amount of musical material, in this instance 53 musical "motifs," and stretching it out over a long period of time, and exploring the sounds generated.

OBU's performance of "In C" is a participatory event. Attendees (including the general public) are welcome to bring an instrument and participate in the reading. The performance will be preceded by opening remarks by Dr. James Vernon, chair of the Division of Music, and Dr. Chris Bade, associate professor of clarinet. In addition, participants will be treated to the world premiere of a minimalistic work composed by Dr. Vernon and performed by Dr. Bade.

This event is part of the OBU Division of Music's American Music Month celebration. For more information, contact the Division of Music at 405-878-2306 or music@okbu.edu