Griffin Tells Students Their Time is Now

October 9, 2002

Griffin told students it is their time to make decisions concerning who will control their sphere of influence. He said it is their responsibility to take care of their faith.

Dale Griffin, OBU campus minister, told students the time is now to take control of all aspects of their lives during the Oct. 9 chapel service.

Griffin discussed how Josiah, who became king at age eight, set out to undo the corruption that took place during the time of his father and grandfather. He did not allow his family history to be used as an excuse, Griffin said. He followed what he knew was right in God's eyes.

"I want to suggest to you that it is your turn now," Griffin said.

He said that students often fall into traps of excuses instead of allowing God to control their lives. Students often blame their family background and their inability to trust as reasons behind their lack of faith.

He went on to discuss the importance of the corporate church in young people's lives. He challenged students to find a church and use their sphere of influence to make a difference.

"Don't point your finger at all the reasons the church doesn't meet your needs," Griffin said. "With your resources see the difference God can make."

Griffin also stressed the importance of daily time studying and reflecting on the Bible. He suggested that all students have a plan to read the Bible systematically over a year's time.

"You desperately need to have a plan to read the Word for yourself," Griffin said. "There is nothing more valuable to me personally then to be alone in a room where the spirit of God is speaking through the Word."

Griffin joined the university as campus minister in August. He came to OBU from Northwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City where he served five years as minister of worship.

Griffin earned a bachelor's degree from OBU and a master's degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.