Service Chapel Affirms Summer Missionaries

May 2, 2002

Compton gave a charge to more than 125 student missionaries, encouraging them in their journeys and challenging others to pray for them. He used the book of Ephesians in his charge, stating that God has graciously affirmed his blessing on each person and will continue to do so throughout the summer.

OBU students, faculty and staff will serve in a variety of ministries in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia. They will serve in thirty countries around the world, as well as in 20 states.

Eleven OBU students and two faculty members will teach English at a university in northwest China. This marks OBU's 16th year of participation in the international program.

Many of the students serving in North America will work as counselors at Christian summer youth camps and as church interns.

Compton told students that as the summer goes on and they begin to feel weighted down, they should remember to walk in God's presence. In our culture we are taught that we must carry burdens alone, he said, but this is not a biblical statement. God calls each person to walk in the forgiveness of Christ as his sons and daughters, Compton said.

"Did you know you are stamped, sealed and confirmed?" Compton asked. "There is a down payment placed on your life and it is sealed in Christ."

Compton concluded his charge with a challenge that there is room enough in the kingdom for all the lost and through those who go out and share, the lost can find true hope.

The service also featured an audiovisual presentation listing the names of students and the places they will serve this summer.

After the service, students were encouraged to pick up "prayer reminders" from the steps of the stage. The cards had the name of one student and where he or she would be ministering this summer, along with a note encouraging the person taking the card to use it as a reminder to pray for the student throughout the summer.