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Israel Walkable Map at OBU Friday

February 13, 2002

The giant floor map exhibit will open at 10 a.m. in the university's Geiger Center.

Michael Barlow, an independent education consultant, has been carrying the map to various schools and universities in Oklahoma. The map is owned by the Jewish Federation in Oklahoma City.

"It is truly an example of interactive learning," said Dr. Ron Duncan, professor of anthropology at OBU.

After participating in the exhibit once in Oklahoma City, Duncan said his visual recall of the locations of towns and regions of Israel was much keener.

"It's different than looking at the maps in your Bible," he said. "It's much more instructive. I came away feeling what it meant that Jesus was from Galilee and what it would take to make the trip down from Nazareth. It came alive to me."

The map is large and colorful and made of a strong vinyl material. Only a certain number of people are allowed to walk on the map at a time, and usually they are asked to wear special socks while on the map.

Marlow will give an introductory talk at 10 a.m. Visitors are welcome to come and go until about noon, Duncan said.

The exhibit is free and open to the public.