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Bison Glee Club to Debut Oklahoma Composers at Spring Concert

January 1, 2002

The debut pieces, "The Winds of Earth," by Greg Davis, a Tulsa composer and 1982 OBU graduate, and "King of Kings," by Jamie Killion, minister of music at First Baptist Church in Chickasha, will each bring a unique sound to the performance, said Dr. John Simons, Bison Glee Club conductor.

Davis wrote the words and music to "The Winds of Earth" in reaction to how creation speaks to the human soul reaching out to a creator, Simons said.

"The piece is imitative of Renaissance musical texture," he said. "Davis combines the imitative passages to create a collage of sound that reflects the diversity of creation."

Jamie Killion wrote the other debut piece on the program, "King of Kings," following the OBU Church Music Camerata convention.

"On his way home, the melody came to his mind, and he wrote the entire piece the next day." Simons said. "It is a majestic song of praise, and utilizes the baritone section in a soloistic manner.

"The poetry, also written by Killion, has a Psalm-like feel and speaks of God's majesty and our response to God in awe, the giving of gifts, and prayer."

The Glee Club also will perform a variety of sacred and contemporary selections. The concert will feature the Fallen Angels Quartet and will be assisted by university organist Dr. Ron Davis, associate professor of organ at OBU.

The group performs various types of music, including sacred, classical and popular, and performs for churches, conventions, civic groups and school events. They have completed 16 commercial recordings, including "Let the Amen Sound, " in 1996, and the most recent, "Bison Glee Club, Established 1938," released in 1999. The group also has performed several overseas concerts.

The 35-voice male chorus was founded in 1938 by Warren M. Angell, making it the oldest choral organization at OBU.

Simons also serves as associate professor of music and coordinator of the church music department at OBU. He moved to OBU from First Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Tenn.

He earned a doctor of musical arts degree at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro, and holds master of music and bachelor of music education degrees from Baylor University.

The concert is free and open to the public. For more information contact the OBU's Fine Arts Office at 878-2305.