OBU Online Courses Available This Summer

May 20, 2001

Oklahoma Baptist University's curriculum has expanded to the world wide web this summer with five online courses for distance and convenience learning.

Instruction for the OBU courses will be offered via the internet. Courses include family communication theory applications, general ministry internship, Christian communication, camp administration, and New Testament.

Family communication theory is an examination of writings on marriage and family with communication and family related concepts and theories exploring, critiquing, and understanding these concepts.

A general ministry internship in Christian camp leadership will provide practical experience under competent professional supervision.

The Christian communication course covers topics from the meaning of expressing faith verbally and nonverbally to communicating in typical church related. Students will have opportunities to discuss communication problems and study good communication skills to improve the Christian experience.

The Camp administration course will consider methodology and practical aspects of planning and administering summer youth and sports camp programs.

New Testament includes an exploration of New Testament writings within the context of the historical development of the church in the first century. The focus will be on discussion of central figures, major issues, and dominant theological themes and the development of these writings into a body of canonical literature.

An online English composition and classical literature course is planned for j-term of 2002.

More information is available at www2.okbu.edu/it/obuonline or 405-878-2169.