Employees Awarded for Service

April 30, 2001

At a banquet in their honor, Oklahoma Baptist University employees were recognized earlier this month for service to the university. Pictured are faculty and staff members who have worked at OBU for multiple years. (Row 1, l to r) Mary Wasson, 10 years; Retha Houck, 25 years; Sharon Bourbeau, 15 years; Dr. Robbie Henson, 10 years; Dr. Juanita Johnson, 15 years; Cindy Rieger, 5 years; Norma Partridge, 30 years; Peggy Herron; 20 years; (row 2, l to r) Dr. Jimmie Russell, 20 years; Cynthia Gates, 10 years; Tara Colvin, 5 years; Tonia Kellogg, 10 years; Tamara Harris, 10 years; Ray Laughlin, 10 years; Janna Manlapig, 10 years; Dr. Warren McWilliams, 25 years; Anne Hammond, 15 years; (row 3, l to r) Ford Mastin, 5 years; Wayne Rhea, 35 years; Dr. Norris Russell, 20 years; Dr. Albert Chen, 15 years; Dr. Eugene Hobbs, 5 years; Dr. Dan Reeder, 10 years; Michael Cappo, 5 years; Dr. Todd Jackson, 5 years; Mark Wagner, 5 years; Dr. Paul Hammond, 15 years; and Marty O'Gwynn, 10 years.

Award winners not picture are: David Byland, 10 years; Robert Cash, 10 years; Larry Hollingsworth, 5 years; Nancy Cobb Lippens, 25 years; Billie Royal, 15 years; and Glen Walters, 5 years.

The university also honored retiring faculty member, Dr. Shirley Jones for 36 years of teaching English at OBU.