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Student Preacher Encourages ‘Hard-Core’ Christian Life

February 9, 2001

Eric Costanzo knew last semester that he had been selected to deliver the message at this spring's Oklahoma Baptist University student-led chapel service.

The OBU senior Bible major said he used the time to seriously explore the message God had for him to deliver to his fellow students.

"This is not going to be just another chapel," Costanzo said at the beginning of his chapel address Friday, Feb. 2.

Working from the illustrations of Gamaliel in chapter five of Acts and philosopher Pascal, Costanzo asked the students to consider why they believe in God and live their lives as Christians. Gamaliel and Pascal, both using reason, decided that the safest thing was to believe in God.

"We play a game. We are content to show our relationship with Christ when the odds are in our favor," he said. "We are only acting right in the right situation, but that is not what God wants."

Reading from I Peter 3, Costanzo called for the students to seek a "hard-core relationship with Christ."

"Routine has a way of creeping in on all of us, but I am not going to settle for less than what God has for my life," he said.