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Hackler to Present Healthcare Series at OBU

February 23, 2001

Oklahoma Baptist University will host the scholar residency series "Medical Decision-Making and Health Care: More than Science," Feb. 26-March 2, featuring Dr. Chris Hackler, professor of medical humanities at the University of Arkansas College of Medicine.

The series is presented as part of OBU's partnership with the Woodrow Wilson Fellowship Foundation.

Dr. Hackler will be speaking in nine different OBU classes during his stay and making two presentations that are appropriate for the public. Open to the public will be his sessions "What is Medical Humanities? Health Care Beyond Mere Science," at 7 p.m., Monday, Feb. 26, in the Bailey Business Center's Tulsa Royalties Auditorium, and "Roles for Psychology in Making Health Care Choices," at 10 a.m., Friday, March 2, in the Mabee Learning Center Auditorium.

Hackler is completing his residency at the University of Texas' Southwest Medical Branch in Galveston. He holds degrees from Hendrix College, Brown University, and the University of North Carolina. He has also been a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Tuebingen, Germany.

He has taught at East Tennessee State University and University of Arkansas. Additionally, he has written extensively on the subjects of advanced health care directives, the rationing of health care, and the role of ethics in medical practice and medical education.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation and OBU have worked in partnership for more than 25 years to present scholarly visitors whose job is to engage a broad and deep thinking about a range of issues in such public arenas as political science, journalism, diplomacy, literature, international cultures, and the arts.

"We hope that this week will continue in the fruitful tradition of challenging, engaged discussion that has characterized the partnership of the past," said Dr. Doug Watson, OBU professor of English and long-time organizer of the Fellowship visits on campus.