Children Visit Cities of the World in OBU’s Teacher Education Interactive Museum

November 20, 2000

Shawnee fourth grade Sequoyah Elementary School students excitedly celebrate the culture of Nairobi, Kenya, along with Oklahoma Baptist University seniors Buffie Hilmer, and Catherine Homm, Tuesday, Nov. 7. OBU assistant professor of education, Dr. Jeanne Akin and her social studies methods class, created the interactive museum as part of the culture study of major cities of the world.

The learning experience was designed as a mystery game in which the students followed clues to catch a thief who stole the presidential election box on election day through Rome, Jerusalem, Moscow and other world cities. Along the way students learned how to use chopsticks, visited the Colosseum, and tried on African head wraps. When the students solved the mystery, they held their own mock-election and cast their vote for president.