Students Thankful For Scholarships

September 1, 2000

Oklahoma Baptist University new students receiving academic scholarships were invited to a congratulatory reception held in their honor Friday, Sept. 1 in the university's Geiger Center.

At the conclusion of the reception the one hundred students present were asked to write notes to people who had been influential in their lives. OBU's Admissions office addressed and mailed the notes for the students.

"It gives a nice beginning to the school year and nice beginnings make for good endings," said Michael Cappo, dean of admissions. "Scholarship students are so driven, it's nice to get them to a place to relax and pat themselves on the back."

During the program, Dr. Mark Brister, OBU President, congratulated the scholarship students on their achievements and encouraged them to notice that the OBU environment is set up for academic progress.

"Everything here at OBU is designed for your success," Brister said. "You would have to try to not succeed in order to not succeed here."

Dr. Carolyn Cole, professor of English, was the featured speaker for the reception.

"Don't value your education only in utilitarian terms," said Cole. "Try to think about your education as how it will contribute to you as a person."

Cole warned students of the performance trap that she had seen students fall into.

"Don't expect so much of yourself that you can't enjoy learning," she said. "There's always going to be someone smarter than you are, right? So, just relax.

"Realize that your time here is such a luxury," she said.

The group, which included five national merit finalists, consisted of freshmen and transfer students.