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OBU’s One-Acts Long On Quality

December 8, 1999

The Oklahoma Baptist University theater department's annual dramatic festival consists only of one-act plays, but length is no indicator of the quality of these shows.

The annual Student One-Act Festival was held Monday and Tuesday nights, Dec. 6-7 in OBU's Sarkeys Theatre.

Four different one-act plays were presented on both Monday and Tuesday evenings.

The productions were entirely student-run and directed.

On Monday, Dec. 6, the one-act festival featured "Dust of the Road" by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman, "Close Encounters of the Third Grade" by John and Maureen Cieslinski, "Asleep on the Wind" by Ellen Byron, and "The Appointment" by Luigi Jannuzzi.

"Dust of the Road" takes place in a small Kansas town shortly after the Civil War. Peter Still, an upright business man has chosen to embezzle money from a family friend. He and his wife, Prudence are visited by a man who has previously chosen to betray a close friend. As the play unfolds, the audience realizes that this man is Judas Iscariot and they learn about all the pain and regret he feels, reminding them of the precious gift of salvation. The play was directed by Brandy Trout Gibson. The cast included John Brookshire, Jeremy Smith, Angela Wilson, and Michael Burns.

"Close Encounters of the Third Grade" is a childrens play about Angelina, a third grader with an overactive imagination. Angelina encounters several aliens including the villain, Sinderina. Hans Trio, the plays hero saves the day. The play was directed by Timothy M. Morrison and the assistant director was Traci M. Palmer. The cast included Jimmy Criswell, Misty Ohlsson, Brett Bower, Alison Smith, Lacie Nichols, Julie Cline, Justin Ellis, and Chris Miller.

"Asleep on the Wind" is the prequel to last years oneact production of Graceland. It is the story of Rootie and her brother Beau. It takes place 10 years earlier in the special place Rootie talks about in Graceland. The director was Jamie Henninger and the assistant director was Arlene Caudill. The cast included Brandon Rister Roye and Kelli Kiser.

"The Appointment" is a drama about two people who are given the chance to be saved by God's grace. One character accepts this opportunity while the other remains blinded by his own petty attitudes. But the play concludes that all is not lost and as always with God, there is still hope. This play's director was Heather Carman and the assistant director was Jamie Pickard. The cast included Lucas Roeschley, Alison Lackey, Heather Lewis and Brian Davis.

The festival continued on Tuesday night, Dec. 7, with "Transformation" by Doug Wright, "Here We Are" by Dorothy Parker, "The Heart Outright," by Mark Medoff, and "Ferris Wheel" by Mary Miller.

"Transformation" is a drama dealing with a child prodigy who has a transforming effect on anything he encounters The play's symbolic ending leaves the audience with unanswered questions, but the story is intriguing as well as touching. The play was directed by Pat Foster who was assisted by A.J. Price. The cast included Elizabeth Mitchell, Rustin Comer, Michael Clack, Cynthia Nichols and Brian Burgi.

"Here We Are" is a short play that is both tragic and comic at the same time. It is set in 1909, a time when Victorian ideals were beginning to be questioned. It is apparent that the two characters in the play have trouble communicating and expressing their feelings most likely, a result of the time periods emphasis on the importance of manners. These manners hinder the newlyweds in the play from expressing themselves. The play was directed by Brooke Collins assisted by Margaret St. John. The cast included Matthew Price and Cheryl Sartain.

"The Heart Outright" is a dramatic piece dealing with the death of the American hero and how life's events and choices made impact life and relationships. It was directed by Shaunacy McHenry and the cast included Marty Peercy, Amanda Taylor, Dave Mitchell, and Will Burgin.

"Ferris Wheel" is A comedic look at two people who meet on a Ferris Wheel that becomes stuck. It was directed by Toni McDowell and the cast included Kara DeAnn and James Morrison.