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Family Therapy

Program Highlights


Total Cost: $24,750
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hours: 45

Program Details

MedFT Certificate

Total cost: $4,950
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hours: 9

Certificate Details

MFT Overview

This program will equip graduates to practice marriage and family therapy from a Christian perspective.
The Marriage and Family Therapy graduate program at Oklahoma Baptist University trains students to provide therapeutic services from a relational and systemic perspective in counseling agencies, schools, hospitals, churches, on the mission field and in private practice. OBU’s MFT graduate program equips students to apply their professional skills in order to bring healing to families, couples and individuals. The MFT Program also equips students to understand the role that faith plays in clients' lives and relationships.

MedFT Overview

The MedFT certificate program equips BHPs with the tools necessary to recognize and address the impact of healthcare issues and concerns with patients and their families in medical and traditional therapy settings alike.

The Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) certificate program at OBU provides a unique opportunity for behavioral healthcare providers (BHPs) to receive advanced training in biopsychosocial-spiritual treatment within interdisciplinary healthcare systems. We believe that physical health, mental health, relationship health, and spiritual health are all intertwined, and that the impact of a health diagnosis extends beyond the individual to affect families.