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Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

Program Highlights

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

Total cost: $12,600
Cost per credit hour: $350
Credit hours: 36

The MA degree at OBU is an advanced degree that develops learners and practitioners with foundational knowledge and specialized skills for ministry. It blends uncompromising academic rigor with unparalleled ministry relevance.

Students can focus in two major areas: Christian Studies or Intercultural Studies. From these major areas, the learner can specialize further into three major tracks: MA in Christian Studies with Leadership or Apologetics; MA in Intercultural Studies. Details are listed below: 

Intercultural Studies

In a globalized and information-driven world, Christians must develop key skills that will serve the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The MA in Intercultural Studies will equip the learner to reach the world, whether in majority world contexts or in one’s own back yard. Advanced skills that the learner gains include ethnographic research, intercultural communication, and church planting. These skills are founded and developed in Scripture and theology, providing a robust context for social scientific methods and contemporary missiology. 

Integrated MA

Through an integrated program, OBU provides the opportunity for undergraduate students from all disciplines to begin work toward a Master of Arts in Christian studies or Master of Arts in intercultural studies while completing a bachelor's degree at OBU. Through the program, students from any academic discipline can pursue completion of both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree within approximately six years.

Why get your MA in Intercultural Studies?

OBU’s MA degree includes a common set of classes designed around understanding the essentials of the Christian faith, Christian worldview, and Christian life. As a student, you will build on these core competencies as you pursue focused training centered on leading the church, defending the faith, and reaching the world.

Faculty—You will find that every professor who teaches you not only has earned the highest degrees, but has years of practical experience in their specific field. In other words, the graduate faculty practices what they teach.

Convenience—Each course is offered in a fully online.

Start Dates

Fall 2023

  • October 16–December 10 (8 week)

Spring 2024

  • January 22–March 17 (8 week)
  • March 18–May 12 (8 week)

Summer 2024

  • June 3