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Medical Family Therapy Certificate

Program Highlights

MedFT Certificate

Total cost: $4,950
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hours: 9

Message from the Director

The Medical Family Therapy (MedFT) certificate program at OBU provides a unique opportunity for behavioral healthcare providers (BHPs) to receive advanced training in biopsychosocial-spiritual treatment within interdisciplinary healthcare systems. We believe that physical health, mental health, relationship health, and spiritual health are all intertwined, and that the impact of a health diagnosis extends beyond the individual to affect families. The MedFT certificate program equips BHPs with the tools necessary to recognize and address the impact of healthcare issues and concerns with patients and their families in medical and traditional therapy settings alike. You will leave the program better prepared to effectively treat the clients and families you work with and collaborate with their healthcare providers. – Canaan Crane, Ph.D., LMFT

Medical Family Therapy Certificate Program Overview

  • A post-graduate certificate program focused on the theory and application of Medical Family Therapy (MedFT).
  • Students receive training in the provision of collaborative health care services from a biopsychosocial-spiritual perspective, as well as the treatment of illness in the context of family and medical systems.
  • Provides both educational and practical opportunities.
  • Tailored for working individuals.
  • Can be completed in one calendar year.
  • Equips students to effectively serve in medical settings.
  • May be completed by OBU students concurrent with their enrollment in the MFT program, or by community behavioral healthcare providers (Masters level clinicians including LMFTs, LPCs, LCSWs, nurses, physicians, etc.).

MedFT Classes

  • Introduction to Medical Family Therapy
    This course will introduce students to the basics of Medical Family Therapy using an interactive instructional style. Students will be introduced to the foundational texts and theories of MedFT.
  • Advanced Medical Family Therapy
    This course will extend students’ learning to additional MedFT principles including provision of culturally competent healthcare services as well as the course and treatment of illness and disability across the lifespan.
  • Medical Family Therapy Practicum
    In this course, students will be required to provide MedFT services in a medical setting. Emphasis will be placed on brief interventions (including solutions-focused therapy and motivational interviewing), as well as the application of course material from the two prerequisite courses.

MedFT Admission Requirements

Please note that certificate programs are not eligible for any institutional or federal financial aid.