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Project Management

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Program Highlights


Total cost: $6,600
Cost per credit hour: $550
Credit hours: 12

Certificate Features

The Project Management Certificate is offered for professionals with a degree related to business or leadership. The certificate program will be comprised of the 12 hours of courses listed below. Those wishing to take the courses for only a certificate will enroll in these courses during the normal scheduling of the courses.

Course Listing (12 hours)

All of the courses in the Strategic Business Operations Certificate are part of the MBA curriculum. Students are welcome to complete the individual certificate or follow the MBA track.

Why Choose OBU?


Oklahoma Baptist University is here to help you become a leader in business. This degree program is designed to help you engage and lead with wisdom and discernment regarding issues of today and tomorrow.


Your studies here can be shaped to fit your desired goals in your present position or the position you have your eye on. Some of the courses include projects which can be tailored to fit the goals of the individual student.

Foundational Ethics

At OBU we utilize materials from our Ethics, Leadership, and Responsibility in Business course to help you strengthen your business ethic

Please note that certificate programs are not eligible for any institutional or federal financial aid.