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Shaping the Future of Shawnee Hall

Historic Shawnee Hall, the first permanent building on campus, opened its doors to students in 1915. It  has served every student who has graduated from OBU during these past ten decades. It's beloved hallways and classrooms hold a rich history for countless students. Lives are changed, minds expanded, careers developed and students enlightened from the biblically-based curriculum and liberal arts education offered in Shawnee Hall.

However, when an EF-2 tornado struck campus on April 19, 2023, Shawnee Hall suffered significant damage and destruction.  Still in awe of God's timing, the university's  leadership was already in the midst of making plans and drawings for much-needed renovations and upgrades to Shawnee Hall before the tornado struck. 

Due to the extensive damange incurred from this massive storm, a new opportunity has been created to strip away years of partial renovations leaving nothing but beams and unfinished floors and walls.  On the horizon is a modern and beautifully-designed Shawnee Hall which will advance OBU into a fresh, forward-focused future for the next decades of students. 

Shawnee Hall will be a main hub for many aspects of students and faculty. It will offer academic learning through the Henry F. McCabe Family School of Education and the Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences. Our Marriage and Family Therpy program will be housed in this space too. Creative learning spaces, suites, classroom, lounges and lecture halls will be showcased.Your participation, generosity and gift can help us advance into the future as we revitalize and redesign this historic building.

OBU admissions team will have a strong presence inside Shawnee Hall to welcome guests and families to Bison Hill. You can help make this exciting new era a reality, by participating in our campaign. Below is details information on our spaces and opportunities for you to give.

Naming Opportunities for Shawnee Hall

First Floor

Shawnee Hall First Floor Layout

Naming Opportunity Room Number Gift
Behavioral and Social Sciences Offices 101–114 $10,000
Behavioral and Social Sciences Reception 115 $50,000
Conference Room 116 $35,000
Observation Room 117 $10,000
Counseling Lab 118 $75,000
Classrooms 119–121 $100,000
Classroom 122 $125,000
McCabe School of Education Offices 123–129 $10,000
McCabe School of Education Office 130 $15,000
McCabe School of Education Reception 131 $50,000

Second Floor

Shawnee Hall Second Floor Layout

Naming Opportunity Room Number Gift
Atrium 201 $125,000
Student Lounge 202 $75,000
Multipurpose Room 203 $500,000
Classroom 204 $125,000
Study Lounge 205 $50,000
Admissions Suite 206 $200,000

Third Floor

Shawnee Hall Third Floor Layout

Naming Opportunity Room Number Gift
Classrooms 301–305 $125,000
Large Classroom 306 $200,000
Lecture Hall 307–308 $250,000

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