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Denominational Scholarships

These denomination-based awards acknowledge students who have been active in church activities. They are all renewable four years provided the student maintains the appropriate OBU GPA. OBU reserves the right to determine eligibility for all OBU awards.

Church Partnership Scholarship: up to $2,000 per year

This program forms a direct financial partnership between Baptist churches, Baptist associations and the University. The program combines funds provided by churches or associations with funds provided by OBU to create the total awards. OBU will match up to $1000 per year ($500 per semester.) Scholarship funds must be a church or association check made out to OBU.

Church Staff Dependent Scholarship: $1,000 per year

Children or spouses of currently employed, paid, professional denominational ministers of a local Baptist church, Baptist association, Baptist state convention affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention or the National Baptist Convention are eligible. Likewise, dependents of professional denominational ministers currently employed by these national conventions are also eligible.

MK Scholarship: Guaranteed 50% Tuition in OBU Scholarships

MK Scholarships are for children of current International Mission Board or North American Mission Board missionaries. Eligible students will receive a minimum of 50% tuition when all OBU scholarships for which the student is eligible are combined with the MK scholarship.

OBU will continue to offer the MK Scholarship, but will extend the scholarship to benefit children of missionaries who are returning from the field. Students already receiving the MK scholarship will be able to keep it for their entire four years at OBU, regardless of their parents' employment status with IMB or NAMB. OBU will also extend this scholarship to high school aged dependents of current missionaries, as long as they enroll at OBU by fall 2020. 

Louise M Prichard Scholarships - $3500 per year

Prichard scholarships are awarded to all ministry majors in the Herschel H. Hobbs School of Theology and Ministry. Student must indicate a Hobbs Ministry major on their admissions application and remain in that major while at OBU.

*Scholarships listed are applicable for students entering OBU for the first time during the 2023-2024 academic year. Students must enroll full-time to qualify.