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Dr. Sherri Raney

Professor of History and Political Science


Dr. Sherri Raney delivers poignant perspectives in various areas of Slavic studies, including topics such as “The Peoples of Russia and China: Facing the Dawn of a New Century,” “Soviet Women and Religion Since the Revolution,” and “The Expansion of Russian Women’s Education in the Reign of Nicholas II, 1894-1917.” Among other classes, she teaches the history sections of Western Civilization and World Civilization, History of Modern Russia, History of Modern Germany, International Relations, and Comparative Politics. She and her husband, Larry, have three children: Caleb ('05) a photographer (calebraney, Lauren, a senior at OBU, and Rachel, a senior at OBU.


B.A., Oklahoma State University

M.A., Oklahoma State University

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University

Dissertation: "A Worthy Friend of Tomiris: The Life of Princess Catherine Dashkova, 1744-1810"

Russian Language Program, Middlebury College

Courses Taught

HIST 2013: European Civilization: History

HIST 2023: Contemporary World: History

HIST 2033: World Civilization: History

HIST 3103: Modern Russia: Culture and Politics

HIST 3523: Modern Germany since 1618

POLI 2273: State and Local Government

POLI 2503: International Relations

POLI 2703: Comparative Politics

Selected Publications

“Women and Oklahoma Politics,” Oklahoma Political Science Association Annual Meeting, November 2003, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma

“The Peoples of Russia and China: Facing the Dawn of a New Century,” Older Adult Service and Information System, March, 2000, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

"Princess Dashkova and Benjamin Franklin," Central Slavic Conference. October 1995, United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado.