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Dr. Jonathan Ashbach

Elizabeth Randel and Ana Scales Assistant Professor in American Constitutional Law
and Assistant Professor of Political Science

Office Location Owens Hall, 308
Phone (Office) 405.585.4151

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"Government is some people forcing other people to do what the first people choose. Now there is a fascinating study."

Jonathan Ashbach (Ph.D., Hilldale College) is Assistant Professor of Political Science. He hails from the mountainous redwood forests of Northern California and taught at Baylor University before accepting a position at OBU.

Dr. Ashbach teaches a variety of courses related to contemporary and historical American Politics as well as Political Theory. His research interests include the political and constitutional theory of the American Founders, the conservative-libertarian debate and Shakespeare's political thought. He also retains a lively interest and active research agenda in natural theology--the study of the evidence for theism provided by the natural world.


  • BA Politics and Economics - Humboldt State University
  • MA Christian Apologetics - Biola University
  • MA Politics - Hillsdale College
  • Ph.D. Politics - Hillsdale College

Subjects Taught

  • American Institutions
  • Political Theory
  • Contemporary Issues in American Politics

Selected Publications

  • “Make High Majesty Look Like Itself: Shakespeare’s Politics and Richard II.” History of Political Thought (forthcoming).
  • “A Limited Defense of Factory Farming: The Ethics and Politics of Consuming Intensively-Raised Animals.” The Independent Review (forthcoming).
  • “Limited Self-Ownership: The Failure of Argumentation Ethics.” The Journal of Libertarian Studies (forthcoming, November 2021).
  • “Against Every General Principle: Prudence in the Constitutional Statesmanship of James Madison.” American Political Thought 10, no. 3 (Summer 2021): 363-89.
  • “The Phenomenological Moral Argument: A New Formulation of a Classic Theistic Defense.” Philosophia Christi 21, no. 1 (Summer 2019): 137-53.