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Dr. Bret Roark

Professor of Psychology
Ralph and Marie Barby Chair


Dr. Roark began teaching at OBU in 1992. His graduate training is in Cognitive Psychology, and he currently teaches a variety of courses related to the science of Psychology. He is a recipient of the Promising Teacher Award at OBU and is the Ralph and Marie Barby Endowed Professor of Psychology. Each year, Dr. Roark is proud to take several of his students to Psychological conferences to present the research they have conducted under his supervision.


B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University

M.A., Texas Tech University

Ph.D., Texas Tech University

Dissertation: "Human and Computer Learning of Linguistic Categories"

Courses Taught

PSYC 1223: General Psychology

PSYC 2223: Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences

PSYC 2623: Research Methods in Psychology

PSYC 3013: Biological Psychology

PSYC 3543: History of Psychology

PSYC 3583: Experimental Psychology

PSYC 3803: Cognitive Psychology

Selected Publications

2002. Worthen, J. B. & Roark, B. Free recall accuracy for common and bizarre verbal information. American Journal of Psychology, 115, 377-394.

1998. Worthen, J. B., Hutchens, S. A., Roark, B., & Gutierrez, G. The internal structure of social categories: Components and predictors. American Journal of Psychology, 111, 581-605.

1996. Taraban, R. & Roark, B. Competition in learning language-based categories. Applied Psycholinguistics, 17, 125-148.

1995. Brant, L., Marshall, P. H., & Roark, B. On the development of prototypes and preferences. Empirical Studies of the Arts, 13, 161-170.