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Earn Your Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy: Apologetics Emphasis

Rigorously, rationally, and relationally presenting and defending our evangelical Christian faith. 

In the pursuit of an Apologetics degree at OBU, students will be equipped to:

An OBU B.A. in Philosophy with an Apologetics emphasis combines the best of a rigorous education in Christian Philosophy with a focus upon the defense and explanation of the Christian faith in the contemporary public square. In addition to all of the courses required in our regular Philosophy track (Ancient Philosophy, Modern Philosophy, Logic, Ethics, Epistemology), Apologetics students take required courses in Contemporary Apologetics, World Religions, History of Christian Apologetics and Historiography & The Resurrection. Their program is rounded out by Philosophy of Mind or Metaphysics, and either Philosophy of Religion or Philosophy of Science, along with an additional Philosophy elective.

Program Options

Program Options Degree Plan
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Philosophy: Apologetics Emphasis PDF
Minor in Philosophy: Apologetics Emphasis PDF

What makes an OBU Philosophy (Apologetics Emphasis) degree special?

OBU is among a select handful of universities that offers an undergraduate program in Christian Apologetics. Our program will challenge you to understand your faith better, and to establish stronger intellectual foundations for your beliefs. Apologetics students are equipped to employ data, insights and arguments from a myriad of academic disciplines (e.g., history, theology, philosophy, science, sociology) in their rational defense of the Christian worldview.

In addition to the academic rigors and challenges of the Apologetics courses, our Apologetics Program organizes trips to local and regional Apologetics conferences, and hosts on-campus lectures and forums engaging significant apologetic topics.  Our program size also allows for a close professor-student relationship, including regular opportunities to share meals and conversations at professors’ homes.

What can I do with a Philosophy (Apologetics Emphasis) degree?

This degree prepares students to:

Apologetics graduates are engaged in diverse post-OBU pursuits. Since the program’s inception in 2015, graduates have gone on to vocational ministry; graduate studies in Philosophy and Law; and careers in broadcasting, research and sales.


How is Apologetics distinct from Philosophy?

Apologetics is a specialized discipline within Christian philosophy. Philosophy is the ‘love of wisdom,’ and involves pursuing answers to the ‘big questions’ of life. Christian Apologetics involves articulating faithful Christian answers to those questions in rationally compelling fashion. Our Apologetics students are required to take all of the courses that regular Philosophy students take within their major. Apologetics is not less than regular Philosophy, but rather something more.

Why study Apologetics?

God commands us to be involved in apologetic ministry (1 Peter 3:15) and Scripture demonstrates active apologetics (e.g., Acts 17) – as we seek to become like Him, apologetics will be a part of our discipleship. Studying apologetics will deepen and strengthen your own understanding of and commitment to the Lord God. In our increasingly post-Christian context, an ability to vigorously defend and promote the truth of Christ will be paramount.

Why does OBU have an Apologetics track?

OBU desires to be a leader in bringing Apologetics to the undergraduate classroom. Jesus Christ lies at the center of what we do and who we are at OBU; thus, the promotion and defense of the Christian faith is essential. Our new Apologetics track situates OBU at the leading edge of undergraduate instruction in Christian Apologetics at a time when the contemporary church increasingly recognizes the desperate need for Apologetic training.

What kind of student should consider Apologetics?

Anyone who is passionate about presenting and defending the Christian faith in the marketplace of ideas.

What majors would complement an Apologetics minor?

Virtually any major fits with Apologetics. In particular, students majoring in Ministry, Communications, Science, Education, History and the Social Sciences might consider an Apologetics minor.


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This program is offered through the Herschel H. Hobbs School of Theology and Ministry.

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