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Earn Your Bachelor of Arts Interdisciplinary in Theology and Ministry

This Interdisciplinary degree provides students freedom to blend three minors of choice into a composite study.

Program Options

Program Options Degree Plan
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Interdisciplinary in the School of Theology and Ministry PDF
Minor in Apologetics PDF
Minor in Bible and Theology PDF
Minor in Biblical Apologetics PDF 
Minor in Biblical Languages PDF
Minor in Biblical Studies PDF
Minor in Christian Leadership PDF
Minor in Christian Ministry PDF
Minor in Cross-Cultural Ministry PDF
Minor in History and Theology PDF
Minor in International Church Planting PDF
Minor in Orality Studies PDF
Minor in Pastoral Ministry PDF
Minor in Philosophy PDF
Minor in Practical Theology PDF
Minor in Student and Family Ministry PDF
Minor in Women's Ministry PDF

A Passion for Students and Love for Jesus

Dr. David Gambo is passionate about students understanding that the heart of ministry is loving Jesus.

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Dr. David Gambo

What makes an OBU Interdisciplinary degree special?

This degree is a triple minor, allowing you to explore three academic areas. All three minors could be from the School of Theology and Ministry, but one or two could be from other academic programs. If you have a specific career or ministry goal that requires multiple kinds of academic preparation, this degree might be right for you. Or if you want to explore three areas without doing a full major in any of them, this major can help you as well.

What are OBU graduates doing with their Interdisciplinary degrees?

Many graduates go to graduate school, focusing on one of the three academic areas in the interdisciplinary degree. Others serve on church staffs or in other ministries.

What courses can I take?

All classes in the School of Theology and Ministry are available to you, including popular classes such as World Religions, Biblical Hermeneutics, Christian Apologetics, Life of Christ, Pentateuch, Youth Ministry and Biblical Ethics.


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This program is offered through the Herschel H. Hobbs School of Theology and Ministry.

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