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Test Optional Policy Information

OBU is waiving the standardized test score requirement. This means that you can choose whether you submit an ACT, SAT, or CLT score. We welcome any student, regardless of testing plan, to submit additional material (detailed in the Supplemental Application Items section below) they feel best represents and demonstrates their skills, talents, and potential contributions to OBU. 

We strongly believe by allowing you to decide how to best present your academic potential, you have the opportunity to take ownership of your college education. All students are given equal consideration, regardless of whether they have submitted a test score. 

At the time of application, students will share their plans regarding the submission or consideration of ACT, SAT or CLT as part of their application. Students selecting the test optional path will have their application and supplemental information evaluated in a holistic manner. All applicants will be considered for scholarships whether they submit a test score or not. 

Required Application Items for all applicants 

  • Application for Admission (students will select on the application whether they want to be considered test optional).
  • Most recent high school transcript, a minimum of 6 semesters work is required to be considered for admission – students may submit their unofficial transcripts at the time of application. Transcripts may be submitted in any of the following ways:
    • Have your high school mail transcripts to OBU attention Admissions Office
    • Have your high school submit your transcript electronically to the Admissions Office at OBU –
    • Email a copy of your transcript to or to your admissions counselor
    • Text a picture of your transcript to your admissions counselor
  • Official transcripts are required upon high school graduation and should be submitted by a high school official with graduation date noted. 

Required Application Items for non-test optional 

  • All items listed above
  • Submit ACT, SAT or CLT scores to OBU 

Required Supplemental Application Items for test optional 

  • 300–400-word essay using the following prompt:
    • We have all had an experience that has had a profound impact on us. Please share a particular experience and how that experience has impacted your life so far and how you think that experience will shape your future.
    • Please make sure your essay is formatted into paragraphs and pay special attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling. Essays must be submitted in Word or PDF format.
  • One or two letter(s) of recommendation
    • NOTE: Applicants must supply a recommendation from someone outside of their family. Recommendation from a current or recent teacher is preferred.
  • College transcripts for dual credit*
  • IB, AP or any other test scores*

Send Application Documents Test Optional FAQs

*If applicable