Project Lead the Way at OBU

OBU is a proud supporter of students enrolled in Biomed, Pre-Engineering and Computer Science curriculum through Project Lead the Way (PLTW) high schools and career technology centers. Through scholarships and course credit, OBU encourages students to participate in this curriculum.

Project Lead the Way Scholarships

If you have completed at least two courses through your high school or career technology center using PLTW curriculum, you automatically qualify for $4,000 in scholarships over four years. To qualify for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Attend a PLTW certified high school or career technology center
  2. Complete at least two PLTW courses from any of the following programs: Biomed, Pre-Engineering, or Computer Science
  3. Apply to OBU by March 1 of your senior year

OBU Course Credit

OBU offers course credit for qualifying PLTW End-of-Course Assessment scores. To learn more about what courses you could earn credit for, see our table of qualifying scores and courses below.

PLTW Course OBU Course Qualifying Score
Biomed: Principles of Biomedical Systems
Human Body Systems
Functional Human Anatomy (EXSC 2534), 4 credits
Functional Human Physiology (EXSC 2544), 4 credits
460–600 for transcripted ‘A’
410–450 for transcripted ‘B’
Computer Science Principles AP Exam Computer Science I (CIS 2703), 3 credits Minimum AP score: 4
Computer Science A AP Exam Computer Science II (CIS 2723), 3 credits Minimum AP score: 4

Note: OBU does not provide college transcripts for PLTW coursework. If a student transfers to another school, PLTW credit will not automatically transfer and credit will be determined by the receiving institution.

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