Choose a Private Christian Education at Oklahoma Baptist University

Located only 30 minutes east of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Baptist University offers a Christian-based private education unrivaled by many in the state.

Oklahoma Baptist University is a small Christian liberal arts university, Oklahoma’s top-ranked regional college according to the U.S. News. With more than 88 areas of study to choose from, five master’s degrees, eight certificate programs and ample opportunities to work and study abroad, OBU delivers a top-notch education grounded in a Christian worldview.

OBU is the only private college in Oklahoma listed on Great Value College’s ranking of 50 Great Affordable Colleges in the Midwest. As one of Oklahoma’s best colleges, OBU offers the highest level of intellectual, ethical, social and spiritual enrichment.

Explore our academic programs and our financial aid offerings, and find your place at OBU - where a quality private education can be yours at an affordable price.