Chapel Messages

You can listen to previous chapel messages through the OBU Chapel Archives podcast.

Spring 2015

Jan 28 Fall Challenge - Wes Lane & David Prater
Jan 30  Connect Chapel
Feb 4  Founder’s Day - Robert Kellogg, President, BFO
Feb 6 Class Chapel (Fr-Potter/So-Yarb/Jr-Stubb/Sr-GC)
Feb 9 FOCUS WEEK - Dr. Tom Elliff, President, IMB       
Feb 11 FOCUS WEEK - Dr. Tom Elliff
Feb 13  FOCUS WEEK - Dr. Tom Elliff
Feb 18  Dr. Henry Kirkland, Jr., Author, Professor, Mentor
Feb 23  Champions of Character Chapel
Feb 25   Dr. Jim Shaddix, Pastor, The Church at Brookhills
Feb 27  Connect Chapel
Mar 4  Student Preacher
Mar 6 Connect Chapel
Mar 11  O.S. Hawkins, President and CEO, Guidestone
Mar 23   Class Chapel (Fr-Potter/So-Yarb/Jr-Stubb/Sr-GC)
Mar 25 Women's Mission & Ministry Day - Gigi Graham
Mar 27 Connect Chapel
April  1 Holy Week
Ap  6 Champions of Character Chapel
Ap  8 Hyde Park - James Lankford, US Representative
Ap 10 Connect Chapel
Ap 15 Nik Ripkin - Author, Lecturer
Ap 20 BLITZ WEEK Chapel
Ap 22 Harold Mathena, Founder of Mathena Inc.
Ap 24 Connect/BLITZ WEEK Chapel II
Ap 29 GO Commissioning Chapel
May 6 Awards Assembly