2016-17 Scholarships*

OBU's merit-based awards consist of both achievement-based and academic scholarships. OBU offers academic scholarships and grants for incoming freshmen, scholarships for transfer students and achievement-based awards.

Academic Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

OBU offers six Academic Scholarships or Grants for incoming freshmen students. Our estimator tool gives you a quick idea of how much you can expect to receive in academic scholarships and it takes less than a minute to complete. 

  • Academic Grant: $2,000 per year ($8,000 for 4 years)
  • Academic Grant: $5,000 per year ($20,000 for 4 years)
  • President's Academic: $9,000 per year ($36,000 for 4 years)
  • Trustee's Academic: $10,000 per year ($40,000 for 4 years)
  • Founder's Academic: $12,000 per year ($48,000 for 4 years)
  • University Scholar: Full Tuition for 4 years
  • Allen Scholarship: Full Tuition for 4 years
  • Martin Scholarship: Full tuition for 4 years

Academic scholarships and grants are awarded to students based on their academic achievement. The awards are not based on financial need. They are renewable provided the student maintains the appropriate OBU GPA. The renewal college GPA is a 2.0 for the $2,000 Academic Grant, a 2.5 for the $5,000 Academic Grant, 2.8 GPA for the President's $9,000 award, 3.0 for the Trustee's $10,000 and Founder's $12,000 awards and a 3.5 for the University Scholar award. Students may retain scholarship for up to 8 semesters.

OBU provides significant scholarship aid for high-achieving students.

University Scholar

Eight awards are made to incoming full-time freshmen. Students must have at least a 32 ACT or 1400 SAT with a 3.75 high school GPA to apply. For consideration, submit an application for admission, transcripts, test scores, essay, one letter of recommendation and activity resumé. All documents must be postmarked by January 8, with finalists being selected for an interview after that time. Awards are announced by MARCH 14, and are renewable annually with a 3.50 cumulative GPA. The scholarship is reduced one-half for a GPA less than 3.50, but 3.00 or more. The award is limited to 16 hours per semester for eight semesters or until completion of a degree, whichever comes first. Scholarship does not cover January or summer term tuition. Those applicants who are not named University Scholars will be awarded the $12,000 Founder’s scholarship.

Competition deadlines:
January 8 - Submitted materials are due to the Office of Admissions
February 19-20 - Interviews on campus

For more information regarding the University Scholar application and selection process, click here.

Allen Academic Scholar

This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to a student who has at least a 32 ACT or 1400 SAT and a 3.75 GPA. Qualified students will be asked to submit supporting documents including an essay, resume, and letter of recommendation. OBU will invite a group of students to campus to interview for the scholarship. Students not selected for the Allen Scholarship will be considered for one of the University Scholar Awards. Contact the Admissions office for details.

Martin Academic Scholar

For students of Choctaw heritage, this full tuition scholarship will be awarded to an incoming freshman and will be renewable for eight regular terms per university guidelines. Selection will be based on the scholarship criteria and application process. Learn more about the Martin Scholarship.

Transfer Student Academic Scholarships

For 2015-16 transfer students, we offer the following Deans Transfer Academic Scholarships:

GPA Academic Award
2.50-2.99 $5,500 Transfer Academic (2.5 GPA required for renewal)
3.00-3.59 $6,500 Transfer Academic (3.0 GPA required for renewal)
3.60 & Above $7,500 Transfer Academic (3.0 GPA required for renewal)

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships: $1,000 per year

The PTK Scholarships are for transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa. (3.0 GPA required for renewal)

Here's how to get started: Visit. Apply .

If you have additional questions, please contact your Transfer Admissions Counselor, Kym Coe, at (405) 585-5000 or Or check out our transfer student FAQ page.

Achievement-Based Awards

These achievement-based awards acknowledge students who have demonstrated talent in academics or sports or who have been active in church, school or civic activities. They are all renewable four years provided the student maintains the appropriate OBU GPA. OBU reserves the right to determine eligibility for all OBU awards.

Air Force ROTC Dorm Room Scholarship
For recipients of Air Force ROTC Type I or Type II Scholarships who are active in OBU's cross-town ROTC program at OU. Scholarship covers OBU room charges (does not apply to private room charges).  Present documentation of ROTC participation to your Student Financial Services counselor in order to receive the scholarship.

Band Award: $250-$600
Students who are not majoring in music and have outstanding performance ability on band instruments may audition for these awards. They are renewable and competitive-based. Students receiving this award must be members of the Symphonic Band.

Church Partnership Scholarship - up to $2,000 per year
This program forms a direct financial partnership between Baptist churches, Baptist associations and the University. The program combines funds provided by churches or associations with funds provided by OBU to create the total awards. OBU will match up to $1000 per year ($500 per semester.) Scholarship funds must be a church or association check made out to OBU. For more detailed information, click here.

Church Staff Dependent Scholarship $1,000 per year
Children or spouses of currently employed, paid, professional denominational ministers of a local Baptist church, Baptist association, Baptist state convention affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention or the National Baptist Convention are eligible. Likewise, dependents of professional denominational ministers currently employed by these national conventions are also eligible.

Department Scholarships: Amount Varies
Students majoring in Art, Theatre or Communication Arts are eligible to apply for a limited number of scholarships awarded by the OBU department of their major. To apply, go to Forms and print the application applicable to your major.

Fine Arts Scholarship: $500-$4,000
Students with outstanding talent in voice, keyboard, instrument, music composition, art, theatre or telecommunication. Students must major in the scholarship area and exhibit continued excellence in their area. Auditions must be completed by early March

MK Scholarship: Guaranteed 50% Tuition in OBU Scholarships
For children of current International Mission Board or North American Mission Board missionaries. Eligible students will receive a minimum of 50% tuition when all OBU scholarships for which the student is eligible are combined with the MK scholarship.

Varsity Athletic Awards: Amount May Vary
All varsity programs offer renewable awards for students with outstanding athletic ability. Varsity athletic awards are administered entirely through OBU's athletic department.

Club Sports Scholarships: $300-$1000
Club Sports Scholarships are available to students who participate in one of the University's club sports programs. Scholarships are limited based on availability of funds. To apply, please contact the OBU Club Sports Coordinator.

OBU Bison Grants or OBU Endowed Scholarship: Amounts Vary
Need-based grants awarded based on unmet demonstrated need and other financial aid student is receiving.

Allen Scholarships: $1,000 to $5000
Need-based scholarships awarded to students from Western Oklahoma based on unmet demonstrated need and other financial aid student is receiving.

Martin Choctaw Student Scholar: Full Tuition
This full-tuition scholarship is awarded to an Oklahoma resident Choctaw student who is recognized by the Choctaw Nation as being Choctaw with at least a 25 ACT or 1150 SAT and a 3.0 GPA. Qualified students will be asked to submit supporting documents including an essay, resume, and letter of recommendation. OBU will invite a group of students to campus to interview for the scholarship. Students not selected for the Choctaw Scholarship will be awarded the applicable Academic Scholarship. Contact the Admissions office for details. Deadline to apply is January 15th.

International Diversity Scholarship: $2,000 per year
For students attending OBU on an I-20 application. The International Diversity Scholarship cannot be used in combination with an Academic Scholarship. Students will receive an Academic Scholarship (if eligible) or an International Diversity Scholarship.

*Scholarships listed are applicable for students entering OBU for the first time during the 2016-17 academic year. Students must enroll full-time to qualify.

*Athletes who receive OBU athletic aid are ineligible for other OBU scholarships unless you meet one of the following criteria for your academic scholarship to be exempt: 1) ranked in the upper 20 percent of the high school graduating class 2) achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 3) minimum sum ACT score of 100 4) minimum sum SAT score of 1140. If you do not qualify under these criteria then you will have to complete 24 hours and have a minimum GPA of 3.3 in order to receive an academic scholarship. If you meet any of the above requirements, you are eligible to receive the above Academic Scholarship but will not receive any other OBU scholarships.

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