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Dr. Randy Ridenour

Associate Professor of Philosophy


Ridenour joined the OBU faculty in 2000, the same year he completed a Ph.D. degree from the University of Oklahoma. The Copan, Okla., native was an infantry soldier before completing his college degree. He later served as a chaplain’s assistant before being commissioned as a chaplain with the Army Reserve. He served in active duty in 2003 and 2004, stationed at Fort Hood in Texas, supporting the soldiers and families of the 4th Infantry Division during their deployment to Iraq. He has presented papers at philosophy conferences and meetings in the mid-south and midwest. Ridenour serves as a supply preacher in churches around the state.


B.A., University of Oklahoma

M.A., University of Oklahoma

Ph.D., University of Oklahoma

Dissertation: "An Essentialist Theory of Modality"

Courses Taught

PHIL 1043: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 3203: Symbolic Logic

PHIL 1999: Topics of Philosophy

PHIL 4603: Metaphysics

PHIL 2343, 2353: History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

PHIL 2143: History of Modern Philosophy

PHIL 3653: Epistemology

PHIL 2363: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 3703: Aesthetics

PHIL 315: 20th Century Philosophy

Selected Publications

“Naturalism, Theism, and Bayesian Probability” at the Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Spring 2000

“An Example of Technology Use in Humanities Instruction: Bringing Medieval Philosophy out of the Middle Ages” at the Symposium on Technology for Learning Improvement, Spring 1997

“Minds, Machines, and Gödel” at the Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Spring 1997

“A Response to Jim Shelton’s ‘Truth and the JTB Account of Knowledge’” at the Mid-South Philosophy Conference, Spring 1997