On the Hill Spring 2018

Hobbs College Library Releases Second Book of Collection

by Joshua Midgley

Through publishing its new library, the Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry finds an effective way to encourage and equip students of the Bible, educating them on scripture, theology and ministry.

The 21-volume “Hobbs College Library” recently released its second book. The latest edition “Preaching by the Book: Developing and Delivering Text-Driven Sermons,” was written by Dr. Scott Pace, Reverend A. E. and Dora Johnson Hughes chair of Christian ministry and associate professor of applied ministry.

The Herschel H. Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry created the library to provide a full theological foundation for further study, equipping Christians with tools for growing in the faith and for effective ministry. Each book is an easily digestible 100 pages, written by world-class scholars, who break down theology for the average person. The hope of the College is to encourage the reader to pursue a deeper understanding of these topics.

With the vision for the Hobbs College Library clearly in focus, this book is designed to equip ministry leaders who serve the local church with diverse levels of experience and educational backgrounds.

“‘Preaching by the Book’ is designed to help preachers and teachers faithfully and effectively communicate the life-changing truth of scripture,” Pace said. “It provides a step-by-step model for developing biblical messages that, I hope, will be a helpful guide.”

“Preaching by the Book” is a practical handbook offering foundational guidance for preachers beginning to explore their gifts and fresh insights for seasoned veterans desiring to refine their craft. The book challenges preachers to develop their style and their substance by considering their unique personality and gifts, the work of the Spirit, and the particular audience on a given occasion. Released March 15, 2018, the book is available on Amazon.com.

The Story of Scripture: An Introduction to Biblical Theology,” was the first installation to the library. Upcoming volumes will specifically focus on student ministry and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit.