Fall 2016 Features

Competitive Debate Program Begins

by London Bradshaw

Contributing Writer for The Bison Newspaper

Scot Loyd, assistant professor of communication studies and director of forensics and debate, kicked off a new competitive debate program this fall in OBU’s Division of Communication Arts.

According to Loyd, the program will focus on public debate which emphasizes oratory and critical thinking in a unique fashion.

“We will spend this semester laying a foundation for a debate program that serves our students in the development of critical thinking and communication skills and positions them to be a part of a winning tradition,” he said.

Loyd believes debate will be extremely beneficial for students because it will not only improve their critical thinking and oratory skills in the short term but also will serve them well in the long term.

“Over time, students involved in debate are uniquely poised to be of greatest benefit to the institutions they choose to serve because they have done the hard work of thinking through the difficult challenges that face our society and world. They have been challenged to not only identify problems but to articulate solutions,” he said.

Dr. Vickie Ellis, communication arts division chair, said the addition of a debate team complements OBU’s mission in powerful ways.

“In our program, Loyd emphasizes debaters’ opportunities to use ethical and moral reasoning that brings glory to God,” she said. “Furthermore, the range of both competitors and topics involve the celebration of a diverse world, a world where dynamic clash points back to God’s truth.”