Alumni Fall 2019

Your campus awaits: Homecoming 2019

When the shades of evening fall, through the hush of fading day, Silent voices praise thy name. Hearts look up to pray. May thy spirit guide thy sons, keep thy daughters true. Loyal to our Alma Mater, God bless OBU.

October 25–27

  • Class of 1969’s Golden Anniversary
  • Stubblefield Chapel Worship Service
  • Fine Arts Showcase
  • Olde Fashioned Ice Cream Social
  • 50th Anniversary of Western Civ
  • Includes a panel discussion featuring
    • Dr. Jim Farthing
    • Dr. Joe Hall
    • Dr. Doug Watson
    • Dr. Bill Hagen
    • Dr. Carolyn Cole
    • Dr. Debbie Bosch
    • Dr. Glenn Sanders (tentative)
  • Homecoming Parade
  • Class Reunion Lunches
  • Bison Football
  • 100th Anniversary Celebration of OBU Theatre

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