Advancement Spring 2024

Shaping the Future through OBU’s Annual Fund

In the wake of a challenging year for OBU, where the echoes of a devastating April tornado still linger, the OBU family’s strength and unity continue to shine as a beacon of hope. As we reflect on the journey from wreckage to renewal, it’s clear that the resilience and dedication of our community have driven our recovery.

The storm damaged nearly every building and structure on our campus, leaving no stone unturned. But our commitment to OBU remained unshaken amidst the debris. The clang of construction and the sight of scaffolding became familiar companions, accompanied by the sounds of laughter and joy that permeated our campus. The start of restoration projects on iconic landmarks like Shawnee Hall and Raley Chapel mirrored the spirit of rejuvenation that filled the air, particularly during the festive holiday season.

True to the OBU spirit, our students continued to forge ahead and carve out their futures even as we rebuilt ours. The resilience displayed in the face of adversity embody the essence of OBU, and we express immense gratitude for the support of our donors, alumni, and friends.

Generous contributions from individuals like you played a pivotal role in our recovery. Your kindness not only helped rebuild structures but also fortified dreams, cultivated resilience, and paved the way for excellence.

As we enter the new year, we extend a heartfelt invitation for you to be part of the next great chapter at OBU by making a gift. Your contribution will significantly impact our mission.

Gifts of all sizes to our Annual Fund make a tangible difference to our university through:

Scholarships of Promise

Did you know that 99% of OBU students receive scholarships and financial aid, including a minimum $12,000 in scholarships and grants for each first-time, full-time student? Your support ensures that current students have ample opportunities, both financially and academically.

An Empowering Curriculum

The world is constantly evolving, and so is our educational approach. With your help, a new generation of students has access to more than 80 fields of study, preparing them for careers, passions, and lifelong learning.

Meeting Critical Needs

Our care for students extends beyond academics. Your support enables us to offer essential services like mental health resources and career counseling, allowing our students to focus on their education.

Your commitment to our Annual Fund resonates deeply within the OBU family, and we thank you for standing with us during this transformative year. Your support will help us repair our campus and will allow us to invest in the promise and potential of every student who calls OBU home. Please visit to make your contribution while this message is still fresh in your mind.

As we embark on the new year and we continue to rise from the rubble, stronger than before, we lean on that unbreakable OBU spirit – a spirit that you’ve helped shape and sustain. Let’s move forward, shoulder to shoulder, building a brighter tomorrow for this incredible family we all hold dear.

OBU Giving Day – 4.17.24

Join the entire OBU family for our Annual Giving Day! What can we do in a day? For 24 hours we will have the opportunity to give back and celebrate God’s generational impact on Bison Hill. On this day, your gifts of all sizes will honor the past, invigorate the present, and shape the future! Giving Day supports the Annual Fund, where every dollar goes to support OBU in the form of scholarships that defray tuition costs for students, as well as aid in tornado renewal efforts. Let’s focus on shaping the future together!

New OBU App

OBU is excited to launch a new app for both Apple and Android users. The Renew OBU app was designed by students to provide a practical way for donors to give toward specific and meaningful campus projects.

Not only is the app intuitively easy to use, but it also offers the ability to hand pick projects to support. Whether donors would like to help upgrade the seating, lighting, or rugs in their favorite residential hall, replace trees that were lost in the April 2023 tornado or support the renovation of classroom and educational spaces, projects will be continually updated with the needs of Bison Hill.

The OBU network stretches far and wide across the globe, and the Renew OBU app offers an opportunity for alumni and friends to make a difference in the lives of our future shapers. Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the app today to keep up with the freshest updates to campus and support the projects that speak to your heart.