Features Spring 2024

OBU Launches Raley College

A Revolutionary Two-Year Hybrid Learning Program

OBU will launch a new groundbreaking two-year hybrid residential learning program leading to an associate degree. Launching in 2024, Raley College at OBU offers undergraduate students the opportunity to live on campus while taking four out of five courses per semester via online learning.

Raley College, supported by the CampusEDU online learning platform, offers a hybrid educational model tailored for today’s students. Students can earn an associate degree in interdisciplinary studies from OBU that will prepare them to transfer into any of the University’s bachelor’s degree programs.

“Raley College at OBU opens a pathway for even more students to experience OBU’s world-class Christian education by providing affordable associate degree education in a residential setting,” OBU President Heath A. Thomas said.

Thomas said Raley College, with its innovative blend of in-person and online learning, is another great example of OBU meeting students where they are and drawing them into OBU’s Christian community so their lives might be enriched.

With an average cost of only $18,400 per year (including tuition, fees, room, board and books for online classes), Raley College at OBU makes a high-quality Christian education an accessible option for students seeking a residential university experience at a lower cost.

“This hybrid approach offers the perfect balance of residential living and online learning and ensures flexibility without compromising on the quality of education,” said Brad Burnett, OBU vice president for enrollment management. “Through faculty mentoring, students will gain invaluable insights, build confidence in their abilities, and create a roadmap for their educational and career goals.”