Fall 2015 On the Hill

OBU Celebrates Second Largest Freshman Class

OBU welcomed 556 new freshmen to campus this fall, the second largest freshman class in school history, second only to the record-setting freshman class of 580 two years ago. Coupled with 81 transfer students, the campus is teeming with new students.

“Few things are more exciting than the beginning of the fall semester, and it is a blessing to welcome the second largest freshman class in OBU history,” OBU President David W. Whitlock said. “We are excited to see how these students will be transformed, and in turn, how they will impact the world as alumni.”

Bruce A. Perkins, associate vice president for enrollment management, is pleased with the new class of students.

“God has blessed us with another strong freshman class this year. Our admissions counselors worked with literally thousands of students throughout the year, telling the OBU story, answering questions, and connecting students with members of the OBU family,” Perkins said. “These new freshmen comprise not only the second largest freshman class in University history, but also the most ethnically diverse class to ever enter our classrooms.”