Features Spring 2022

The Multiply Strategy

Under the leadership of OBU President Dr. Heath A. Thomas, the University began a multi-year process in 2020 of reassessing where we are, where we need to go and how to get there together. Out of this examination came the Multiply strategy, which was formally launched in August 2021. The Multiply strategy includes 10 project teams working toward incremental improvements in numerous areas of the University over a three-year period from 2021 to 2024. The 36-month plan outlines the goals, values and projects that guide the priorities of the University. 

Efforts throughout campus are focused on the strategic objectives of reaching students and families, realizing financial potential and refocusing the University. By embracing the tenets of excellence, influence, service and value, the University works toward the goals of recognized academic quality, sustainable student enrollment, positive budget variance, growing endowment, strategic pipelines in and workforce pipelines out.

Multiply Goals

Reach students and families, realize financial potential, refocus the university

Tenets That We Embrace Together


We value work fit for the King. We are exceptionally skilled in all facets of forming future shapers through personal growth, education, exceptional facilities, collegiality and community.


We value others. We create impact both internally and externally to reach and equip future shapers and launch them into their world for the King. Our future shapers exhibit wisdom, character and excellence.


We value transforming lives by going the extra mile. We serve others sacrificially because Christ served us first.


We cherish adding value to individuals and communities. We create, cultivate and offer positive impact to our communities and stakeholders. We embrace the benefits of OBU, even as we address the cost of OBU to ensure we deliver value in every situation.

Multiply Projects

1: Recruitment, Enrollment and Marketing

Through coordinated strategies, OBU is increasing our ability to reach more students and families within our existing markets while also developing and implementing tactics to recruit under-reached populations in Oklahoma and contiguous states. Additional efforts are underway to build awareness among parents and students in homeschool environments, Christian schools and classical schools. The goal of this project is to cultivate sustainable student populations and enrollment growth.

2: Price Structure

While OBU continues to provide incredible value in terms of quality, we must be attentive to costs, scholarship levels, discount rates and the net cost to attend OBU in comparison to similar universities. By assessing these pricing components, we can make necessary changes to maintain value through our pricing and scholarship practices.

3: Academic Focus

This project moves us to define who we are as a Christian liberal arts university. It includes assessment of the overall interest in our academic programs among student populations and the shape and viability of our degree programs to help us become more attractive and competitive in the academic landscape in terms of core curriculum, total credit hour requirements and transferability into the University.

4: Scholarships and Endowment

To ensure OBU is an affordable and attractive university education in our state and region, we must identify and engage donors and partners to continue developing meaningful scholarships for students and endowments to fund academic programs, professorships, and academic and student life facility improvements.

5: Student Experience

Recognizing we face a competitive landscape in higher education, OBU needs to provide the best student experience possible. A significant part of a positive student experience is providing excellent facilities. This project begins to address OBU’s current facility deficiencies and moves us toward excellence through a coordinated improvement plan.

6: Academic Alignment and Enhancement

Education excellence results from continuing efforts to refine academic programming by identifying and developing new degree programs along with encouraging innovation within current degree offerings. OBU will implement a continuous improvement cycle through the creation of innovation centers and labs for academic enhancement.

7: Alumni Relations

OBU will enhance and add value to our alumni through the relaunch of the office of alumni relations. The University’s new alumni director is implementing new programs and services to re-engage with alumni and friends.

8: Professional Development

The creation and implementation of an overall university professional development strategy is necessary to engage the needs of the OBU community of employees. Providing leadership, professional development and other growth opportunities for faculty and staff is essential in recruiting and maintaining a quality workforce.

9: Streamline Processes to Improve Effectiveness

Developing a culture of continuous improvement and effectiveness in all university processes includes, but is not limited to, budgeting and purchasing processes, onboarding new employees and human resource operations.

10: Visioneering

The unique purpose of OBU requires us to strategically plan for our future by identifying improvements across the University, leveraging OBU to meet present and future needs in our state and region, and securing OBU’s future by launching a compelling master plan and an ambitious capital campaign.

Project timeline: year 1, projects 1–5; year 2, projects 6–8; year 3, projects 9–10