Students meet in the new study space in Wood Science Building
Features Spring 2024

Modern, New Look…From Labs to Lighting

Shedding new light on the W.P. Wood Science Building

Generally speaking, a new day comes with new light and new energy.

It’s a new day for the W.P. Wood Science Building.

OBU Project Manager Ryan Grider said the primary goal of renovations to the 38-year-old building was to usher it into the modern era. Its dimly lit interiors have been replaced with a vibrant, energy-efficient environment due in part to LED lighting.

Just off the main entrance lobby, the two floors of collaborative space feature a spectacular chandelier. This intricate structure, inspired by a double helix representing DNA, adds a touch of elegance while maintaining a connection to the building’s scientific roots. A glass wall provides openness, allowing students to use the space dynamically while preserving its unique identity.

Down the hallway, the first-floor lab underwent a comprehensive makeover. The installation of a spill-resistant, high-texture epoxy floor addressed safety concerns, and new fixtures illuminate the space, making scientific exploration more engaging.

The stairwells, once dull passageways, now exude brightness. Taxidermy mounts -such as that of a moose, caribou and whitetail deer – have been carefully cleaned and preserved, maintaining a connection to the building’s history.

Ascending to the top floor reveals a renovated classroom. This room underwent a digital transformation with the introduction of plug-in spots for laptops, tablets and smartphones, reflecting the contemporary shift towards digital resources.

While the Wood Science Building is embracing modernity, it also pays homage to tradition. The timeless brickwork and capstone remains untouched, preserving the building’s external integrity. The faculty offices underwent subtle renovations.

The Wood Science Building is an example of the seamless integration of tradition and modernization. Its renewed spaces echo with the spirit of collaboration and innovation, inviting students to explore the wonders of science in an environment that honors the past while embracing the future.