From the President Spring 2018

Message from the President

As we celebrate another successful academic year on Bison Hill, we recall many successes experienced together along the way. On May 18, we recognized the class of 2018 during Spring Commencement. OBU transforms lives. Our new graduates will now carry the mission of OBU into the next chapter of their lives and into the lives of those they encounter.

As you read this issue of OBU Magazine, you will see first-hand how OBU students and alumni take their life changing experiences to the far corners of the world. You will learn how our team of OBU students on a GO Trip to Greece impacted the lives of refugees. You will see how three student journalists toured the Holy Land while honing their craft of storytelling in the setting of Israel.

You will learn how Ford Music Hall has been renovated and repurposed as the new Ford Hall, now a home for the entire Warren M. Angell College of Fine Arts. You will read how this facility, while still housing music practice rooms and a rehearsal hall for the Bison Glee Club, has been transformed into a collaborative space for all students of the Angell College. You will also read how OBU’s Marriage and Family Therapy Clinic has found a new home on Kickapoo, bringing its mission of transformational healing to the broader community while continuing to serve the campus.

You will read about our Distinguished Teaching Award winner, Dr. Vickie Ellis, and how she enthusiastically connects students with her passion for communication studies, and how she found her purpose in the college classroom. You will learn about six alumni recipients of the Profile In Excellence award and how their varied careers have impacted countless people through their callings. You will read about Dr. Warren McWilliams retiring after more than 40 years of service on the faculty of the Hobbs College.

As you read about these stories and more, I pray that you will be blessed by the continuing mission of our University, that you will be challenged by these stories of our students, faculty and alumni, and that you will be encouraged for the exciting future in store for our beloved University.

May God bless you as He continues to bless OBU!